ID Animación / Animation
Breakdown / Making Of
Cuadros de Estilo / Styleframes 
Créditos / Credits
Cliente / Client: CCU Crush Orange Chile.
Dirección Creativa / Creative Direction: Dyne Studio.
Dirección de Arte / Art Direction: Dyne Studio, Agencia Dos Alas.
Animación / Animation: Dyne Studio.
Animación 2D / 2D Animation: Fabiola Cortés.
Modelado 3D / 3D Modeling: Nicolás Arce.
Postproducción / Postproduction: Dyne Studio.
Special Thanks:
We also want to thank Henry Foster for giving us a early access to the almighty MOPs + in their beta version and thanks to that we managed and obtain incredible results for the production of a few scenes. If you are a Houdini artist and still don't know about MOPs, give it a try and go to and start using the free version.
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